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    "I am writing on behalf of my wife, Kirsten Steele...."

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    What is a Ghost Tour?

    There are many types of ghost tours, but generally all have a few things in common. A ghost tour is tour led by a guide who tells stories about ghosts, legends and history. Many are done on foot, walking from one haunted location to the next.

    Many have guides who are dressed in either period costumes, scary makeup or clothing or just the branded tour uniforms. You'll often know a ghost tour is walking by your neighborhood if you see a person walking at the front of a group of 20 or 30 people holding a lantern.


    ghost tour directory logoWe're here to help ghost tour enthusiasts such as yourself around the world find, rate and review ghost tours and ghost walks. The industry is great for Halloween or any spooky time during the year.

    We all know that ghost tours have become popular these days with all the recent publicity the paranormal industry has been getting on television and in the media. Ghost tours are just popping up all over the country these days, making it difficult to keep track and to find the best ones. We pride ourselves in helping you find a ghost tour nearby, whether it be in your neighborhood or in a city that you plan on visiting soon, in your country or elsewhere! Not only do we list all of these tours for you, but we also allow you to add your own ghost tour ratings and reviews to tours you've already been on- as well as read reviews that others have left.

    Many people travel the country (and the world), and the first thing they look for is a ghost tour. It's a great way to see a different side of the city (sometimes a side you may not want to see mwuhahaha) and to find out a little about the history of an area. We are here to make that easier for you. A free site built in an effort to connect and network the industry and bring ghost tour enthusiasts closer to the ghost tours they love.