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About GTD

The Ghost Tour Directory ( is a place where ghost tour-goers around the world can find other ghost tours in their area or in a location they plan on traveling to. The recent increase in popularity of the paranormal in the media has led to an increase in the popularity of this industry and each year the world sees new ghost tours developing all over.

In an industry that is growing so fast, it is important to have a very user-friendly, modern and updated web site directory service for this industry, and that is what we have created. All you ghost tour-goers out there need something that makes it easy: easy to find, easy to evaluate and easy to share. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we think it’s very important to make the sharing of great information a one-click process.

We also think it’s important to initiate the newcomers to the industry. Like we mentioned, ghost tours are growing, it can often be a new thing that people are just starting to hear about. That’s why we have made it a point to have sections such as What Is A Ghost Tour?, a section designed to let you know what exactly to expect when you go on one. We’ve also felt it important to add sections to let you know of ways to improve your experience on a tour with equipment suggestions and reviews as well as a little Ghost Tour 101- a vocabulary lesson of what terms and concepts to expect on your first tour.

For tour owners, this site is the site that they’ve wished existed previously. Finally, a site where your ghost tour can be amongst ghost tours, not mixed in with a number of haunted houses and other Halloween attractions. Sure, Halloween is a busy time of year for ghost tours, but most tours run as soon the weather lets them- and some, in warmer climates run all year long! This is your home, ghost tour owners, we want your listing and you want to be listed. We believe in the sharing of information freely, but we also have many options for Premium accounts and upgraded listings, allowing you to say, stand out over that competitor who shares some parts of your route. Viewers want to experience a great ghost tour and showing that you take your business serious enough to invest some money for a Premium listing will show them that. is the brainchild of Mike and Paulie. Both cool dudes have used their backgrounds in web development, design and social media marketing in combination with the fact that one of them happens to own a ghost tour (wink wink) to put this project together, and we hope you enjoy it.