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What are the top 3 must-have pieces of ghost-hunting equipment?

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What are the top 3 must-have pieces of ghost-hunting equipment?
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There are many different things you can bring along when going ghost-hunting, whether it be at the local graveyard or an abandoned old building or while walking along on a ghost tour. Sure, it would be nice to have all the great equipment that the teams have on Ghost Hunters, but let’s be honest- most of us don’t have that kind of budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out there and do some investigating.

Here are 3 of the must-have things that you should bring with you on a ghost hunt:


Very basic yet very important. I know you wanted something more exciting here, but trust us- this one will prove to be very useful. Many times you’ll find yourself under a moonless night sky, or in a creepy old basement where the lights won’t work. Although it’s true that the human eye can draw in much light after a few hours exposed to darkness, you will need some source of illumination off the get-go.

Digital Camera

Ah yes, very important. We all seem to have one of these now, but there are many different types. Analog (film) cameras are of course acceptable as well, but they often take a long time to expose, and the results are not instantaneous (even with Polaroid). Having a digital camera can really speed things up, and you won’t have to waste film. Anyone who has gone ghost-hunting before knows that you’ll be taking photos constantly just to see if anything shows up. Cameras with a flash are good, although be careful as some flash photography can artificially create orbs. These are handy to bring on ghost tours to share in the fun. With the advent of smart phones like the iPhone, the Droid and the Blackberry, people who go on ghost tours often join in by using these devices. While the cameras on these are of course cameras just the same, their resolution and quality often leads much to be desired and can often create spooky-looking photographs unintentionally.

Tape Recorder

The best way to capture EVPs or Electromagnetic Voice Phenomena. This occurs when a spirit expresses itself over a recorded device, oftentimes unheard to the people present. When the “tape” is played back, a voice can be heard. Some ghost hunting enthusiasts swear by digital recorders for their ease of use (and easy transfer to a computer) while others stick with their tried and true analog tape recorders, insisting that the results are better.

You be the judge!

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