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Haunted Liverpool Ghost Walks

Liverpool, England
From the ghost tour's website:

Tour some of Liverpool’s most haunted locations under the guidance of Captain Moonlight, a swashbuckling highway man; Lady Araminta the terrifying vampire; Ex Chief Inspector Fosgrave (sacked from the Police Force for ‘dubious dealings with the dead’). And we must not forget Liverpool’s very own ‘Raffles'; Gentleman Clem. His utterly charming persona has set many a heart a flutter and he refuses to comment on rumours relating to his Royal connections? And now, just when you thought you’d seen it all, we dare you to meet the infamous Thackeray Sisters. We can’t guarantee you won’t be spellbound by their youth, beauty and sheer wickedness, but we can guarantee you a different and entertaining night out.

Haunted Liverpool offers Four chilling tours based on the scariest stories by Tom Slemen, the master of the paranormal. Hear bloodcurdling tales retold by a costumed actor/s on the very spot where they happened.

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