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Silver Ghosts of Northern Nevada

Reno, NV
From the ghost tour's website:

Join Ghost Hunters Richard and Debbie Senate in a thrilling tour of haunted places and bizarre history in the historic Comstock Area of Northern Nevada. Here history and haunts walk hand in hand as this specially designed tour will take this lucky group to some unique sites and discover some places well known and a little unknown, where supernatural events happen on a regular basis. The Tour also includes some top notch experts on Nevada Ghosts like author/investigator Janice Oberding (the author of numerous books on the subject) and psychic/investigator Sandie LaNai. (author of many books as well as investigations with her “Thin Veils Investigations”). Your tour guides have over 50 years of combined experience as psychic investigators and they have lived in the area a number of years. Their expertise will give this tour a unique individual flair. They have selected a bevy of sites that will provide the best chance to see and encounter the paranormal.

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