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Birmingham Ghost Walk

Birmingham, Alabama
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The Birmingham Ghost Walk 2013 is offering TWO tours this season, following the resounding success of last year. The Ghost Walks are casual guided walking tours through the heart of the historic downtown area. Spooky tales of the paranormal, the sordid, and the debaucherous history of Birmingham are revealed on these exciting and fun tours. The Birmingham Ghost Walk takes you to some of the most notable historic places in the city and blends humor and surprising historical facts and human interest along with our most enduring legends and haunted tales to give you an opportunity to experience it for yourself.

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    Birmingham Ghost Walk

    Birmingham, Alabama
    If you think you know about Birmingham's ghosts, take the tour and and have the veil between worlds pulled back a bit more, while you experience an adventure that is sure to have you checking over your shoulder nervously asking "what was that noise?" Discover a city that is rich in history and rich in spirits!