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Decatur Ghost Tour

Decatur, Alabama
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Discover Decatur’s Spirit Community with tales of…


Your tour begins in the heart of Downtown Decatur’s Historic Town Square. A diverse enclave of quaint shops and restaurants that share common space with the ghosts of Decatur’s exciting past.  A stop at one of the oldest two story homes in Decatur where it’s been said spirits haunt the walled up fireplaces and move freely about the grounds. We will travel down small streets untouched by time to the old train depot where late at night… the cries of the wounded soldiers might be heard, or the ghost of the station master might stare back from across the tracks. You will never forget the twilight visit to Old Decatur Cemetery… some of the city’s most notable citizens are interred here. Be sure to bring your camera and don’t be surprised if you capture orbs and apparitions. Decatur’s dead are pretty restless. This is not your ordinary ghost tour. Every stop has claims of paranormal activity.

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