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Blue Ridge Ghost Tour

Blue Ridge, Georgia
From the ghost tour's website:

Blue Ridge (GA) Ghost Tour offers walking tours on Friday and Saturdays evenings, as well as Holiday and special dates. We encompass a variety of stories which include different stories of folklore, legend, ghosts and paranormal. Of course we tell ghost stories from all over the county, however, we also touch on local legends, folklore and stories of the paranormal in general. This isn’t your normal ghost tour! Come join us for an entertaining evening of fun and storytelling!

Please see our website for schedule and details! You can also email us at or call 706-455-9866. Tour times vary and are subject to change so please check website for schedule and times. This tour is approximately two hours. We meet at the Blue Ridge City Park Gazebo downtown (directly across from Love Cats and Dogs). Reservations are Required! Gift Certificates and Private tours are also available. Please contact us for details.

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