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Honolulu City Ghost Haunts Walking Tour

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Visit some of the most haunted places on Oahu, if not on all of the Hawaiian Islands, on the Honolulu City Ghosts Haunts Walking Tour! Your guide is an experienced expert on all these spooky places and will entertain (and scare!) you with stories of the supernatural. All sites are real and all the stories you’ll hear are true, based on historical and ancestral information, along with eye-witness accounts.
HighlightsWalking tour of Honolulu’s haunted locationsVisit Iolani Palace, the State Capital Building, Chinatown and downtown HonoluluHear true stories from your knowledgeable guideComplimentary pickup and drop off from most Honolulu hotelsThe Honolulu City Ghost Haunts Walking Tour takes you to several known haunted hotspots in Honolulu. They include Iolani Palace, the State Capital Building, and areas in both Chinatown and downtown Honolulu. Some places do not allow entry, so the group will gather outside the location to hear its spooky tales. You’ll also see several locations where supernatural events are still happening today. From visiting the former residence of Hawaii’s monarchy to the location of a terrible modern-day murder, close encounters are always possible!
This is an easy walking tour suitable for all fitness levels. The approximate distance covered is 1.2 miles (2km), with regular stops.

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