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Haunted Lebanon Ghost Tours – Illinois

Lebanon, Illinois
From the ghost tour's website:

Welcome to Lebanon, One of Illinois’ Most Historic & Haunted Small Towns! Join the Illinois Hauntings Tours & Len Adams for a historic and frightening tour through one of Southern Illinois’ most beautiful, and haunted, small towns. Lebanon was founded in 1804 but the culture here dates back to pre-history, as evidence by Emerald Mound, located just outside of town. Lebanon is also home to Illinois’ oldest college, McKendree, which was founded in 1824. Charles Dickens, during his travels in America, stopped in Lebanon in 1842 while visiting the Looking Glass Prairie. The Mermaid Inn, built in 1830, served as his stopover point on his journey west. Lebanon’s main street stands alone as a ghost hunters’ paradise. From mysterious underground tunnels to phone calls from the beyond, you’ll jump between the present and the past, the living and the dead with this chilling tour! Based on Len Adams’ upcoming book, Phantoms in the Looking Glass, the Haunted Lebanon tour is a 3-hour walking tour & spine tingling journey into the haunted history of Lebanon.

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