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Jerome Haunted Tours

Jerome, Arizona
From the ghost tour's website:

While visiting Jerome, Arizona, you will definitely want to include a Ghost Haunting adventure in “The Wickedest Town in the West”. Because it was a ghost town of 45 inhabitants for many years, those seeking “spirits from the past” come here to experience the “chill of it all”. On this 2 hour tour, your other-world experienced guide will meet you at the New State Motor Company, one of Jerome’s most haunted and historic buildings. We will then equip you with EMF readers and flashlights and lead you into haunted buildings and take you to sites that were formerly the scene of several acts of murder, suicide, mining accidents and other acts of mayhem.
Be sure to bring your digital cameras!

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Reviewed by EasyT
  • Reviewed July 10, 2013 at 9:18 pm
    "We went on this in June '13. Our guide was StillDave. It was funny, historical, and we went to spooky places. He had us alternately laughing, clapping, and in awe. Jerome is a weird little place in the middle of nowhere. The bars always seem to be open and the wildlife plays guitars and drinks on the town steps. Fits right in with the towns rough history. A must-do-early in your visit to the area."
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