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New Orleans Ghost Tour

New Orleans, Louisiana
From the ghost tour's website:

The New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tour is offered every evening of the year at 7pm and 8:30 pm. It is a theatrical walking tour on ghosts and vampirism in the French Quarter. We will take you to locations associated with ghostly apparitions, paranormal activity and the supernatural as well as vampiric-style crimes and where they were committed. All the stories we tell are historically accurate; our tour guides are performers and will present these stories in a very entertaining manner. This tour is less than 2 hours long, total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace.

We begin and end this tour at Flanagan’s Pub, 625 St. Philip Street in the French Quarter.

This tour is a family-friendly show and is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Tours depart 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.

Reservations are required for our tours and may be made through this web site for the discounted price of $16 for adults, students and seniors. Our regular retail prices are $19 for adults, $17 for students and seniors. The $16 price is only offered when making your reservations online with a credit card. We honor other companies’ tour discount coupons, discounts deducted from the $19 retail price only. Children 12 and under are always free with an adult ticket purchase.

Please call (504) 628.1722 for reservations.

For more info:

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