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Colonial Lantern Tours

Plymouth, Massachusetts
Photo thumbnail Colonial Lantern Tours Photo thumbnail Colonial Lantern Tours
From the ghost tour's website:

Colonial Lantern Tours, Inc., Plymouth’s Original Tour Company, has been providing quality, authentic experiences in Plymouth since 1982. This year we are celebrating our 27th Anniversary. Whether you’re visiting New England for the first time or you’re a life-long resident of the area, our various tours are an amazing way to immerse yourself in the history, legends, and lore of Plymouth.

Our professional guides are well versed in all historical and cultural aspects of the area and will both entertain and educate you as you explore Plymouth, America’s oldest permanent colony. Our tours have been featured coast to coast in publications from The Western Morning News to The Los Angeles Times, who rated us as “Plymouth’s top tour.”

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Reviewed by Eliza
  • Reviewed October 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm
    "Listen to tales of Plymouth’s macabre past as you walk through its historic streets. Then journey to Burial Hill, one of the most haunted cemeteries in the US, where you just might experience the paranormal first hand. This tour is a MUST for every ghost tour enthusiast!"
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