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Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour

Hannibal, Missouri
From the ghost tour's website:

Climb aboard our air conditioned shuttle — we’ll do the driving — and enjoy a spine-tingling guided tour of many of Hannibal’s most notoriously haunted sites, both past and present! You’ll hear stories of murder and mischief during Mark Twain’s boyhood, meet the present-day ghosts of the mansions on Millionaires’ Row, and learn which buildings on historic Main Street are purported to be haunted. Each tour includes a guided exploration of Old Baptist Cemetery where you’ll walk amongst the graves of slaves and civil war soldiers to search for signs of paranormal activity!

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Reviewed by SPIRIT13
  • Reviewed October 1, 2013 at 11:13 pm
    "Spirit of a Dog came through while on the tour heard a dog panting while standing by one of the grave stones I asked the spirit to tell me which way to move and the spirit seemed to stay in that one place and not move the stone I was standing by had the letter S thats where I heard the dog panting"
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