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Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours

Cleveland, Ohio
From the ghost tour's website:

Founded by Chuck Gove in 1999, HAUNTED CLEVELAND GHOST TOURS (R) gives fun and fact-filled tours of the most macabre historic sites in Cleveland! Chuck Gove, a native Clevelander has studied Cleveland’s legends and famous crimes to create a unique and professional series of entertaining tours that present chills as well as history.

Our tours include such hair-raising sites as Squires Castle, Franklin Castle and the USS Cod. Visit the scenes of notorious local crimes, like the famed Torso Murders. By special arrangement, guests of various tours are given private tours of Franklin Castle, William G. Mather Steamship, Squires Castle, USS COD, Grays Armory, Playhouse Square, Cleveland Police Museum, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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