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Haunted Heartland Tours

Canal Fulton, Ohio
From the ghost tour's website:

Our Goal:
To provide quality events which blend history and hauntings. We strive to educate, enlighten, and entertain with our own unique blend of the paranormal, science, history, and local legend. Many of our events allow us to donate back to the local historical society or cemetery association involved. Contact us here.

Our Locations:
Our earthbound office is in Summersville, West Virginia which is in central WV. (Map) We hold haunted events in Ohio and West Virginia.

What We Offer:
We find the best locations possible to explore history, hauntings and the paranormal. When we visit haunted locations such as Mansfield Reformatory . Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, or the West Virginia Pen, we secure the entire building out for our event.

What we do not offer:
NO Haunted House type of entertainment & no phony psychics. No smoke and mirrors here!

Thank you for our growing success. We celebrate 7 years in 2011!

Our Owner/Director: Haunted Heartland Tours owner, author,tour guide and paranormal investigator Sherri Brake

For more info:

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