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Slater Mill Ghost Tour

Pawtucket, Rhode Island
From the ghost tour's website:

Pawtucket has a long and rich history of the unexplained.  Interwoven with history there is always an element of legend, at times entering the realm of paranormal.  Join us along the Blackstone River where we can explore a trove of these mysteries.  Your paranormal ghost tour experience will end in the same location as an episode of Ghost Hunters was filmed.  Stand in the same spot as T.A.P.S. crew and search for the paranormal.

Call 401.725.8638 to make your reservation, credit card accepted. Tours run primarily during the months of September and October.

Groups of ten or more may book a private ghost tour throughout the year.

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Reviewed by Eliza
  • Reviewed October 5, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    "Carl and Keith Johnson guide you through Slater Mill, Wilkinson Mill and John Brown House, all the while weaving tales of the paranormal events that have taken place on this site. This tour is perfect for paranormal enthusiasts, as it includes elements of ghost hunting such as the use of recording devices, K-2 meters, and dowsing rods."
    Reviewed by jmbarry
  • Reviewed August 1, 2011 at 2:31 pm
    "I went on the Slater Mill Ghost Tour a couple of years ago near Halloween. It was very cold and dark as we walked through the Slater Mill, Wilkinson Mill and John Brown House. We even stopped along the Blackstone to participate in a ritual to appease the spirits. There were about 30 people on the tour--many armed with recorders, videos and K-11 detectors. Our hosts were Carl and Keith Johnson, who entertained us with historical facts and stories from past ghost tours. It was a fascinating evening and I will definitely take the tour again!"
    Reviewed by Vicki
  • Reviewed June 14, 2011 at 12:39 pm
    "I took this tour with some friends recently. The night we chose to go had the added benefit of the presence (very much alive) of Jeff Belanger. The tour leader is a well known demonologist who is also a gifted storyteller. The tour was filled with history as well as ghost tales and it took place inside three buildings on the site as well as by the edge of the Blackstone River. This tour focuses heavily on the paranormal and a good bit of ghost hunting equipment is used along the way. However, these people are not inclined to attribute every little occurence to a ghost. For me, that it made it all the more interesting. Four stars to Slater Mills!"
    Reviewed by Donna Holland
  • Reviewed May 26, 2011 at 8:48 pm
    "I went on this tour on Halloween night two years ago. It was alot of fun and very informative. There is alot of history to the old mill and unfortunately along with that history many work related deaths. But the tour also takes you on a walk thru a bit of downtown Pawtucket and you get some information on tragedities and paranormal experiences people have had in that area so it was not limited to just the mill itself. I have some family history to do with the mill so for me it was extra special to go on the tour. The guides and the staff of the mill were all very friendly too and were happy to answer all the questions that the group had. I would recommend the tour to other people for a fun night out."
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