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RI Ghost Tour

Providence, Rhode Island
From the ghost tour's website: This ghost tour company seems to be out of business.

RI Ghost Tours events are not led by actors, but by authentic and specifically trained psychic investigators of the paranormal, who educate YOU while showing the way…

The R.I.P. (Rhode Island Paranormal) Academy is proud to host the Rhode Island Ghost Tour(s). Come explore Paranormal Providence as you embark on an exciting journey you will never forget when you sign up for one of our ghost tours offered. Our fun-and educational tours will help you get in touch with the historic background of Paranormal Providence (RI) and the surrounding community while bringing you just a within the veil of the land of the supernatural. Call to make a reservation at our tour center in Providence, Rhode Island, at 401-256-7045 to reserve a spot and become a Ghost Hunter on one of our
informative tours.

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