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Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours

Parkersburg, West Virginia
From the ghost tour's website:

Welcome to one of the most popular and acclaimed ghost tours in the nation ~ Haunted Parkersburg! Join us, as we stroll over the quaint streets of downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia covering its haunted history and famous paranormal tales. Listen as the tour guides tell you stories of the Banshee of Marrtown, the East End Ghoul, tales of the West Virginia Mothman, the Men in Black and the November 2nd, 1966 appearance of the alien Indrid Cold (featured in “The Mothman Prophecies” book and movie) one mile south of the city limits of Parkersburg. See actual places possessed by spirits, and haunted houses along the route, and pass by a haunted graveyard hear to tales from within. Listen to famous accounts of railroad ghosts, Civil War spirits, Island haunts, and various supernatural stories unique to Parkersburg only.

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