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WV State Penitentiary Ghost Tour

Moundsville, West Virginia
From the ghost tour's website:

Ghost Adventures can be a haunting experience at the former West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville which is one of the most haunted places to visit overnight!. Each month from March to November you can try your hand at tracking ghosts, spirits or “energy” inside the walls of the former penitentiary.

Bring your friends and create a team, as you investigate the cellblock units, eerie hallways, Sugar Shack and other areas in search of the paranormal.

The night begins at 11:00pm in what was once one of the bloodiest institutions in the United States. After a 90-minute guided tour of the facility, you are on your own to probe the super-natural.

The cost of your non-refundable ticket* is just $60.00 for the entire night! Arrive by 11:00pm and checkout the following morning at 6:00am.

Purchase tickets online, don’t forget to print your ticket because it includes our “Paranormal License Application and Agreement” Form that must be signed before you begin your explorations.

Plan a night like no other….plan to search for the unseen presence that still lives! Plan your Ghost adventure at the former WV Penitentiary.

Buy your Ghost Adventure tickets now.

We invite you to share your Ghost Adventure Experience with us by sending your stories and pictures to

*Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to another date*
*Must be 18 years of age

For more info:

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