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Ghost Tours Of Kemper Center

Kenosha, Wisconsin
From the ghost tour's website:

Mayor Slayer welcomes you to Ghost Tours of Kemper Center! Started during the 2010 Halloween season, these are the first professional Ghost Tours ever given at the facility. We invite young and old alike, as well as those interested in the history of Kemper, to enjoy a special guided tour of our facility. Secrets and tales come alive during your walking tour of Durkee Mansion, Ambrose Hall, and the rest of Kemper Center.

These tours take you up and down the many staircases of Kemper. Floors that have been sealed for years are unlocked just for you to learn about and experience the many “happenings” that take place here.

There are also a few ‘guests’ that may greet you throughout your tour, so be careful and watch your step. You never know what or who will be around the next corner. Prepare to experience the ghosts of Kemper for yourself!

For more info:

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