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Milwaukee Ghost Tours and Investigations

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The original Milwaukee ghost tour introduces you to the history, the folklore, and the modern paranormal reports of this unique, storied community. Researcher Allison Jornlin and tour guide Michael Jornlin share the largely unknown tales uncovered in our tireless searching of the historical record. We also bring you the latest updates gathered from our network of local historians, academics, and paranormal researchers.

Our flagship walking tour introduces you to the unique heritage of the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You’ll hear tales of haunted history, ghost stories, fortean folklore, and recent reports of paranormal activity.

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Walk Downtown Milwaukee to look beyond what you see every day and explore a world of hidden pasts and dark secrets, restless spirits and eerie sightings. Anna, your tour guide, a native Milwaukeean and avid collector of local folklore and legend, is delighted to introduce you to the spook-tacular side of Milwaukee.
The building was completed in 1894 for Shlitz's brewing on the same spot a little girl "Elizabeth" had died some years earlier. During it's speakeasy days, two more died in some kind of argument in the basement. Several other ghosts haunt the building, some we know a little about their background, others remain a mystery.