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The Ghost Tour Directory,, operates under the following terms. By accessing and/or using the website, visitors take full responsibly for meeting these terms and maintaining compliance with any and all local laws.

Site Usage

Usage of The Ghost Tour Directory may include, but is not limited to, advertisements, paid listings, promotional or sponsored links and the display and use of internet marketing related guides and articles. All services are offered at the discretion of The Ghost Tour Directory and may be suspended or stopped at any time for any reason. Potential reasons for termination include, but are not limited to, fraud or theft in regard to payments.

Editors of The Ghost Tour Directory have full rights and privileges to edit, move or delete listings as necessary without any notice. Websites found to be breaking submission guidelines or these terms, even after approval, can be removed at the discretion of the editors.

The Ghost Tour Directory has the right to suspend or terminate any services offered by the website at any given time regardless of notice. The Ghost Tour Directory is also not liable to any user or third party in regard to provided services.

Once published, listings are not eligible for a refund, but will be permanently removed at the request of the site owner.

Reviews and Ratings

Biased activity on The Ghost Tour Directory by owners, employees, or third-party vendors hired on behalf of the tour is subject to severe and long-lasting penalties. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to write your own reviews. Contact us to learn how you can present information about your property on our site and respond to the feedback left by your guest or if you’d like to talk to us about past transgressions without being penalized or want to report a concern about a review attached to your listing.

We encourage ghost tour owners and managers to encourage their guests to share their opinions of the tour on Ghost Tour Directory. It can help future guests to know what to expect (good or bad!) and help us all provide better services ultimately. Although directing guests to Ghost Tour Directory is encouraged, suggesting discounts or coupons in exchange for specific review rating values (ex 5-stars) or review polarity (negative vs positive) is against these Terms of Use and is considered review bribery and could lead to probation and ultimately suspension. Coupons or discounts for unbiased guest participation is not against said terms.

The Ghost Tour Directory takes review fraud very seriously. We dedicate significant time and resources ensuring that the content on this site reflects the real experiences of real tour-goers. If we determine that there are fraudulent reviews submitted for a property, there are several consequences:

  • We remove the review from our site.
  • The tour can or will be flagged on our site as having had suspicious reviews and can or will be put on probation.
  • If the tour violates probation and fraudulent reviews continue, the tour will ultimately be removed from our free directory.


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Responsibility Statement

The Ghost Tour Directory is not responsible for the content of websites listed within our site. We are also not responsible for any products or services advertised on the site. We do not endorse any websites or advertisements displayed on The Ghost Tour Directory website.

The Ghost Tour Directory makes no claim that this service will meet all of your expectations. We make no claim that the service will be uninterrupted, fast or error free or that the results from the service will be completely accurate. We also do not guarantee that the services, information and products you obtain through this website will meet your complete expectations.

The Ghost Tour Directory maintains that it would do its best to ensure that the information it presents is up to date, but The Ghost Tour Directory is not responsible for incorrect information about a ghost tour that may not reflect updated information on a ghost tour’s website. The Ghost Tour Directory is here to provide you with a method to locate tours across the world and The Ghost Tour Directory provides you with links directly to the ghost tour’s site. Please verify all information by visiting the website of the ghost tour that you are interested in.

Please contact us for any additional questions regarding the use of The Ghost Tour Directory.