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Hello fellow ghosties! My name is Tory and I will be your supernatural guide to all that is fun and frightening. If you enjoy a good ghost tour, then you have come to the right place. Ghost Tour Directory has the most comprehensive listing of ghost tours, not just in the United States but internationally too! If you're into this kind of stuff, be on the lookout for a new Tory Story, where I will personally "haunt" a ghost tour on our site and tell you all about my experience. And who better to highlight all that a ghost tour has to offer than a ghost!

But Tory, What makes a good ghost tour? That is a spooktacular question! A good ghost tour involves some history, various haunted locations, and a superb storyteller. Nowadays, some tours even use paranormal equipment, such as EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meters, which help detect the presence of a spirit. Alas, they give me away every time. So if you're trying to decide which ghost tour might be the best for you, or you're just new to the ghost-touring scene, then check out the latest and greatest Tory Story for all the ghastly information you will need to begin your paranormal journey. And who knows…maybe we will find ourselves together on the same tour. I'll see you, but you might not see me! Muwhahaha!!

Keep it ghosty,


The Ghosts & Legends Lantern Tour begins at the John Carver Inn, which has its own haunted and macabre history. One of the great things about this tour is that it is lantern lit by you!
The Providence Ghost Tour begins in Prospect Park, which is the perfect place to catch a spooktacular overview of the city before embarking on the tour.
Haunted Boston Ghost Tour begins in front of the Central Burial Ground in the Boston Common, which dates back to 1756 and contains the graves of several noteworthy historical figures. (Note: the tour does not go into the burial ground, but rather on the outskirts of it).
The Olde Town Ghost Walk begins in Newport harbor, a location where many eerie happenings have been reported over the years.
The Slater Mill historic site is the location for your paranormal adventure. This is mainly a ghost hunt, where you will explore three of the main buildings on the property: Sylvanus Brown House (1758), Slater Mill (1793), and Wilkinson Mill (1810).